Programmes, Services and Facilities


Programs and Services

Learner support

  1. Student Assistants and Scribes work with students.
  2. Readers and note takers
  3. Mentorship
  4. Orientation and mobility services
  5. Access Technology training and support

Academic Accommodations

  1. Extended time during tests, assignments, projects and exams
  2. Recorded course material
  3. Exam or test on tape
  4. Alternative text formats e.g. Braille and enlarged text format
  5. Separate testing venues

Assistive Devices and Technologies

  1. Specialized software e.g. Speech Recognition, Zoom Text and JAWS Software.
  2. Desktop magnifiers
  3. Pearl reading camera
  4. Braille services e.g. text to Braille conversion
  5. Computers with large monitors
  6. Personal voice digital recorders

Psychosocial support programs

  1. Individual Assessments
  2. Individual and Group counseling
  3. Referral services
  4. Social network support

Liaison services

  1. Liaises with faculties and course instructors

Specialized transport services

  1. Wheelchair accessible minibus
  2. Motorised wheelchair scooters 


Computer Labs:

  1. Low vision lab with special software such as JAWS, ZOOM TEXT, DUXBURY
  2. General computer lab with LCD computers with dedicated software


Reading and Examination Rooms: 

  1. Reading room
  2. Examination room for students requiring separate testing venues for tests and exams.


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