Disability Support at UB

visual impairment supportThe University of Botswana is non-discriminatory in its admission procedures and it is committed to providing wider access, high quality, and innovative services to students with disabilities. The University has created an inclusive learning environment in which students with disabilities have equal opportunity for education, can participate in all university activities and competently realize their academic, career and personal goals. 

Learner Support Programs

Through the Disability Support Services Unit (DSSU) the University offers learner support programs for students with;
  • hearing impairment
  • visual impairment
  • learning disabilities
  • speech and language impairments or communication disorders
  • chronic health impairments
  • multiple conditions  
  • cognitive impairments
  • psychiatric conditions
  • physical impairments
The DSSU will help with:
  • diagnostic and support needs assessments
  • assistive devices
  • psychosocial network support
  • referrals
Individuals are encouraged to make the DSSU aware of any permanent or temporary disability where arrangements will be made to ensure that such students are not excluded from accessing and participating in university programs and activities. 

Disability Disclosure Procedure at DSSU

Request for academic accommodations can be made as soon a student receives an acceptance to the University of Botswana or anytime through the academic year. Students who would like to request for academic accommodations must follow these steps:
  1. Register with DSSU as soon as possible.
  2. Provide verification of any form of disability documented by a medical practitioner, physician, and or allied health professionals or,
  3. Provide documentation of professional assessment of the condition to guide on the appropriate academic accommodations.
NB: All documents regarding the student’s conditions will be maintained by DSSU and will not form part of the student’s academic records. All documents will be handled with the highest level of confidentiality and SHARED CONFIDENTIALITY between professionals/departments will be done with the student’s consent. DSSU will keep a list of students registered with the Disability office for each academic year.

Service Request Forms

In order to ensure that you receive the support you need, it is vital that you register with DSSU.  Please, download and submit the completed service request form (depending on your individual specific needs) to the DSSU:
  1. Individual Assessment Form
  2. Academic Accommodation Request Form
  3. Special Examination Request Form
  4. Informed Consent or  Release of Information Authorization Form
  5. Course Schedule Form
  6. Hostel Accommodation Request Form
  7. Support Service Evaluation Form

Students Rights and Responsibilities

  1. A student with any disability has the right to choose whether or not to access DSSU services. For this reason, students have to self-identify and register with DSSU for psychosocial and educational support.
  2. Maintain contact with DSSU office throughout the academic year
  3. Self-advocates in matters pertaining to support and academic accommodations.
  4. Regularly consult with course instructors on educational matters. 


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