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Strategic Elements


 Mandate
a. concern itself with enrolment planning and management including, but not limited to admissions, registration coordination, examinations, student information management, academic advising, student retention, scheduling, transcripts, record systems, communication, graduation and awards, recruitment and liaison, marketing of academic programmes and other undertakings and roles that may be deemed appropriate.
b. In collaboration with the Department of International Education and Partnerships, recruit the best possible students into the University of Botswana’s undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and to support the institution’s academic mission by providing high-quality services to students, professors, administrators, graduates and the general public.
c. create and maintain academic records of students providing a permanent, systematic, systemic and convenient records containing the grades of each student and all other recordable information about the student that the University may at any time need; organizing, interpreting and publishing such information from time to time as seen fit.
d. update and preserve the official student record, update the student record with grades and academic decisions, audit the record and ascertain eligibility to continue or to graduate, issue transcripts and letters of permission, and certify academic standing or completion of studies.
e. publish official information about programmes and courses, process petitions, serve students in person, by phone and by e-mail and serve Faculties by assigning classrooms to courses and by scheduling examinations.
f. provide information and services to students, members of faculty, academic departments, administrative units and dean’s offices in the functional areas of student liaison and recruitment, admissions, records and registration, and scheduling and examinations.
g. work closely with the University community in the areas of curriculum; publish the undergraduate calendar; plan and produce the University’s convocation/graduation ceremonies;
h. prepare, assign and schedule all classrooms of the University, and other spaces for teaching purposes in all buildings, including the temporary assignment of additional space for examination purposes etc in consultation with the Deans and Heads of departments. Plan and coordinate the schedule of classes while responding to the preferences of faculty and students.

 Vision
To be recognised as an organisation that provides cutting edge professional student enrolment services in the region and beyond.

 Mission
To provide academic and strategic leadership in planning and managing the enrolment services of the University of Botswana

 Values
a. Integrity (We will deliver service that ensures the best business ethics)
b. Engage ( We will communicate, connect, coordinate, and network)
c. Understand ( We will take time to appreciate, know, recognise and comprehend)
d. Inspire (We will motive, encourage, arose and enthuse)
e. Leverage (We will empower, influence, and organize)
f. Innovate (We will continually improve on the quality of our service delivery and processes)

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