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Living & Learning Communities (LLC)

The University, through the Department of Student Welfare continuously engages on initiatives aimed at improving the students experience at UB. One of such initiatives is the implementation of the Living & Learning Communities (LLC) program. Attached are details on the LLC manual. For a snap short of what the LLC programme is all about, kindly check out our LLC brochure.  The community is invited to join the Department to ensure the success of this initiative.

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UB Stadium
The 10 000 seater University Stadium, one of the most imposing and outstanding land mark facilities, has been functional for some time and is being put to use for educational purposes for which it was primarily intended.  It is also used as sport and recreational facility and for national and international sporting activities upon payment of a modest fee. It boasts of a soccer pitch, which meets international standards, and all basic field and track athletic facilities built to international standards.  The UB Stadium has added greater impetus and urgency to competitive sport in the country as demand for it is fast growing to meet the needs of national and international sporting events.  The Stadium is also used for major UB events, including the annual graduation ceremony.

Sports Courts
The new state of the art sports courts near UB Stadium also add to the aesthetic view of the UB landscape. They are some of the most modern in the country, whose primary function is educational to support academic programmes in physical education and the use of staff and students for sports and recreational activities.   The facility has five courts for tennis, one for handball and two each for volleyball, basketball and netball.  The courts have flood lights, which are turned on and off automatically at convenient times of the day/night.  They are built to international standards.

Olympic-size Swimming Pool
The Olympic size swimming pool built to international standards is in full swing and is used for leisure and therapeutic training as well as competition. Like the rest of the facilities, the pool supports growing academic programmes (in swimming, lifesaving and aquatics in general)of the University.

The Department has two units: the Culture and Arts and Sports and Recreation units headed by Managers all under the general leadership of the Director.
The department works closely with other departments in the Student Affairs division, the SRC, and registered student clubs and organizations to coordinate many activities for the benefit of the university community.
Major cultural and sporting activities include the annual Fresher's ball, RAG pageant, cultural events, intervarsity games, and various sporting activities in codes such as netball, soccer, tennis, aquatics, basketball, volleyball and rugby among others.
Highlights of activities planned for this academic year include; photographic exhibitions, choral festival, sponsored walks, intra la liga, interfaculty Games and sports wellness programmes.

Entertainment Arena
The new open-air entertainment arena complex next to the UB Stadium is a multi-purpose facility for culture and arts activities.  It is complete with a performance stage, attached change rooms and an audience floor that can accommodate 1500 standing or 800 seating spectators also meant primarily to support students arts, cultural and entertainment activities

Catering Services

Undergraduate students have a choice of taking meals at any of the two refectories on campus during the semester; One is located at the new undergraduate dormitories known as “Las Vegas” and the other one is on the eastern side of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Block 240. 

Fees for meals: Can be checked on the annual UB calendar.

Contact Details :
4775 Notwane Rd. Gaborone, Botswana Private Bag UB 0022. Tel: +(267) 355 0000 Gaborone, Botswana