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Domestic Services


Welcome Note

Improving the student experience, one of the University strategic thrusts is our primary goal as the Domestic Services.  The University cleaning needs of the interior of all the buildings are our main purpose of existence.  This is achieved through provision of high quality standard of cleanliness and laundry facilities and over and above all, the open door policy. 

About Us

Domestic Services  provides a clean and hygienic University space through the use of efficient and effective laundry and housekeeping systems through  a proactive style management efficient, cost effective and customer focused services of high quality standards .

Our main purpose of existence is to provide a high standard of cleanliness in the interior of all the University buildings and effective Laundry facilities through a proactive management style.
The Domestic Services unit strives to offer the best cleaning services so as to achieve the mission of the University of Botswana to be a leading centre of academic excellence in Africa & the whole world. 
To support the University vision by creating a condusive learning and teaching environment through the provision of professional, effective and efficient cleaning services to the University Community.
  1. Honesty, integrity
  2. Reliability of service delivery by both in-house and out- sourced staff
  3. Equity
  4. Professionalism
  5. Productivity
  6. Customer – oriented philosophy
  7. Confidentiality
Our offices are located at block 106, the Laundry; it is situated next to the Swimming pool and the Maintenance yard.
Key Contacts
Mrs. S. N. Sebonego
Manager, Department of Campus Services, Finance & Administration Division
Tel: 3552081
Email: sebonegosn@mopipi.ub.bw
Services Offered
We mainly offer 2 services which are Cleaning and Laundry services.
Laundry Services: Laundry Services are currently provided at the Main Campus and FET Campus.
At the beginning of each semester, new and returning students are offered bedding items (Blanket, Under blanket, bed cover, pillow, pillowcase and a pair of sheets) as loaned items to be returned at the end of each semester, failing which students are charged a fee which changes from time to time so as to enable the department to replace that linen.
When collecting loaned items the following are requirements:
- A valid student ID
- Proof of hostel accomodation offer with a student welfare stamp
Students are allowed to change their bed linen (sheets and pillowcases ) on weekly basis, the schedule is per their academic year of study as follows:-
First Year Students:          Tuesday
Second Year Students:    Wednesday
Postgraduate Students:  Thursday
The Rest:                            Friday
The Main Campus Laundry has 2 areas, the Main Laundry and the Student Launderette. The Main Laundry is used for student bedding and curtains while the student Launderette is used by Students for their personal Laundry. The main laundry has 8 Industrial washing machines and 8 Industrial dryers, and 6 industrial roller irons.  The student Launderette has 20 token operated machines and 20 dryers. Tokens are purchased at the Souvenir shop. The student launderette is only accessible to on Campus Students only. 
Operating hours-:
- Monday to Fridays: 0745hrs to 1630hrs
- Saturdays & Sundays: 0745 hrs to 1200hrs
- Holidays: closed
During the end of the academic year long vacation the student launderette is only opened for students who have been provided accommodation on campus.  
Cleaning Services: Cleaning services is divided into two- Residences and Teaching Facilities & Offices
Teaching Facilities and Offices Cleaning
All Teaching Facilities have been outsourced and most of the offices. Some companies are contracted for provision of cleaning services through an open/public Tender which normally runs for 2 years. By and large there is more than 1 company for ease of management. 
The Domestic Services section provides all the University facilities with toilet papers, hand soaps, office bins, while the Company supplies all cleaning detergents, materials and equipment.
Teaching facilities are cleaned from Monday to Friday before the start of business and common areas are serviced throughout the day. Thorough cleaning is done on Saturdays. 
Spring cleaning of all facilities termed Periodic cleaning is done twice a year during the vacation. All floors are cleaned according to the floor finish, carpets are shampooed or steam cleaned, while vinyl floors are cleaned through a process called strip and seal. Upholstered chairs are shampooed  and windows are cleaned also.
Provision of Cleaning services at the halls of residences is done by in house staff.  Every block has a number of Domestic Assistants depending on the size of the block, normally its 1 Domestic Assistant per floor. Bathrooms and passages are cleaned on daily basis, Monday to Friday. Thorough cleaning of individual rooms is done twice a month. 
Each room is provided with a broom, dust bin, dust pan and a feather duster.
Domestic Assistants are issued some cleaning detergents on weekly basis and upon demand; those items are procured through a public tender which runs for a year. Students are issued with 4 toilet papers per month.



Contact Details :
Campus Services 4775 Notwane Rd. Gaborone, Botswana Private Bag UB 0022 Gaborone, Botswana