Strategic Elements



The Department of English will be the key department in service to the university in teaching the advanced study of English in Africa and the world.



The Department of English aims to produce high quality graduates who are equipped to engage society from a critical perspective informed by their knowledge and skills in linguistic and literary/textual analysis, and theatre studies.



The values of the Department are:

  • Commitment to excellence in teaching and research by members of the Department.
  • Academic honesty and integrity of students enrolled in all its courses.
  • Recruitment of staff members of high calibre who continually upgrade themselves through research in the different areas of specialisation to deliver its programmes.
  • Commitment to learning and development by the students in response to societal needs.
  • Nurturing of graduates who are responsive and sensitive to Botswana’s cultural heritage and the multicultural environment that will give them access to the global market.
Contact Details :
Department of English, Faculty of Humanities - Block 239, Rooms 202 and 204.