The Department offers the following programmes: the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and the Master of Laws (LLM).  The Department also offers special law courses to students registered under selected programmes in other departments and faculties in the University.


The LLB Programme

This is a 10 semester, full-time, Bachelor’s degree programme.  Apart from the duration, the other distinctive aspect of the programme is that it combines academic instruction with practical skills training.  The main objectives of the programme are to equip students with theoretical and professional legal knowledge and skills, and to prepare them for legal practice, further study, or application of legal knowledge and skills in various spheres of life.  The degree awarded upon completion of the programme is recognised under the Legal Practitioners Act 1996 as the founding qualification for admission to professional legal practice in Botswana.  In addition, the LLB degree also offers opportunities for employment in many fields in the public or private sectors where some knowledge of law is a distinct advantage.

An important aspect of practical skills training under the LLB programmes is Clinical Legal Education, (courses LAW 433, LAW 436, and LAW 531).  Among other components, students are required in these courses to participate in moots and internship, and to attend to clients in the Campus Legal Clinic under the guidance and supervision of qualified staff.  The Legal Clinic offers a limited range of legal services to indigent members of the public, free of charge.  It is in a sense one of the very few “legal aid arrangements” operating in the country.  The Department of Law and the University naturally attach great significance to the operations of the Legal Clinic and expects staff and students to be extremely thorough, professional and diligent in the handling of clinical work.


The LLM Programme

The LLM is a 3 semester, full time, and 6 semester part-time programme.  It combines coursework and research.  Students are required to accumulate a set number of credits from the course work before embarking upon research leading to the submission of a dissertation of not less than 40 000 words.  The core objective of the programme is to inform and expand knowledge, partly or mostly through research, on legal aspects of the complex economic, political and social problems and issues facing the African continent and the sub region in the pursuit of modernity and development.  The programme expects to produce a cadre of legal professionals equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills to interrogate, investigate, engage in discourses, and contribute to the formulation of appropriate responses to problems, challenges and issues facing the African continent and the sub region such as globalization, regionalism, respect for human rights, good governance and sustainable utilisation of the environment and natural resources.

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